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Monday, May 23, 2005

Right on Left


Saturday, May 21, 2005
Practicing What You Preach

Here's James Watt , telling people not to make sweeping generalizations about the religious right, falsely attribute radical beliefs to people associated with the religious right, and not to divide people of faith. But in his editorial, Lies of the Religious Left, he seems to adopt the very tack he pretends to condemn.

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// posted by Aaron @ 6:37 PM

Decade-old antagonisms come back to so that Moyers and Watts, a Reagan cabinet member, can enjoy slinging the mud at each other. Or rather so that Moyers, representing liberals, can call Watts a fool who believes in the rapture over science on the issue of the environment, and then can apologize for wrongly calling Watts a believer in the rapture, and Watts can accept the apology, only to use it against Moyers in a national paper. How very graceful, compassionate, Christ-like, and constructive of you, James Watts.

Be alert. I learned this lesson two decades ago -- the hard way. Never underestimate the political impact of the twisted charges by extreme environmentalists now advanced by the religious left to divide the people of faith.

Watts now calls himself an environmentalist, but doesn't want to be associated with *them*, the environmental fringe. What is it that gets to you, James? Is it the hair, the funny dress, the patchouli oil? How very beyond the superficial you are in looking at your brother. How Christ would love you.


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