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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Buddhepiscopalia, the Episcopalian Web Ring, the Christian Left, and the Young Church

Buddhepiscopalia is a neat example of free-lance Episcopalian lyricism. The author has also gotten me to link to the very interesting Episcopalian WebRing, where one can read much more theologically trenchant reflections on current politics than are presented here.

How wonderful that the young church is out there on the web in force, and meeting each other! These are webscapes that i've only discovered recently, as I branch out from and (safe havens) into the wily territory of and (realms of the truly devoted).

In the last week I've had rafts of correspondence (more than I can answer) from young Christians in their 20s who feel like they don't know any other progressive young Christians in their 20s.

May it please God, I hope the internet will quell that awful loneliness of the young, progressive soul.


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