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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Return to Anglicanism

On a friend's suggestion, I worshipped Sunday morning at St. Benet's Church, Cambridge, where the Brothers of St. Francis administer to the college town's most intellectual parish.

What struck me was the prayers for the sick, for the church, and for the world, which followed more or less this formula: Dear God, we are concerned about x issue [where x was warfare, or church splits over homosexuality, or the ordination of women bishops, or world poverty]. Keep us on the road to Your truth, and prevent us from falling into falsehood. Help us to discern Your wisdom, and to avoid controversy over what we cannot know, and to know the difference.

I am always astounded at the Anglican Church as it navigates a course determined to keep left and right in dialogue.

The Mystery Worshipper Review of St. Benet's


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