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Monday, August 08, 2005

Akinola, Nigerian primate, doesn't know when to shut up

Yet another event passes in the relentless unfolding of our pitiful domestic drama. Rowan Williams tries to hoe the middle ground, gay clergy act according to their individual conscience, and Africa pitches a fit.

Kick Africa out of the Anglican communion already. There ain't no excuse for this uncivil, hate-filled, despotic behavior from a Christian bishop.

The bishops also came under fire from Anglicanism's leading conservative, Archbishop Peter Akinola, the primate of Nigeria. He said the Church of England was effectively introducing gay marriages and issued a warning that it could face similar punishment to that of liberal Americans and Canadians, who are threatened with expulsion from the worldwide Church for extending homosexual rights.

Telegraph | News | Gay clergy to defy bishops over no-sex 'marriages'


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