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Monday, October 24, 2005

Urban Soul

Having been accused by a high school alumna who googled me of having turned into a religious zealot, I'm trying to tone down the religious posts on this site and leave it mostly for visual, landscape, and historical speculation, as I start spending more time blogging the other stuff at CrossLeft. But just this last...

Hey ya'll --
here, late night in cambridge, taking a break after a long evening of reconfiguring StreamingChristianity to be more relevant (hooray!! just as many blogs, now more of them actually pertinent to current events and the progressive pilgrim's take...)

amuse yourselves by taking a look at Jesus in Woodie Guthrie lyrics, my #1 nomination when we put together that Soundtrack Album we've been talking about...

(oh, okay then. there *is* a "Save me Jesus" track on my itunes, and here's what's on it):

Say Hallelujah 2:11 Tracy Chapman

Angels 3:58 Wax Poetic Feat. Norah Jones

Girl You Have No Faith In Medicine 3:17 The White Stripes

jesus walks 3:30 Kanye West

Thank You for Sending Me an Angel 2:11 Talking Heads

Someone 4:33 Bob Dylan

Jesus, Etc. 3:51 Wilco Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

Personal Jesus 3:20 Johnny Cash

God (Interlude) 2:20 Outkast The Love Below

Abraham, Martin And John 3:21 Dion

Good Evening Mr. Waldheim 4:37 Lou Reed

The Man Comes Around 4:26 Johnny Cash

Jesus Was A Communist 1:44 Reagan Youth

King Jesus 2:29 The Five Blind Boys of Alabama Amazing Grace Gospel

Be My Angel 3:17 Mazzy Star

What are your faves??


Blogger owlindaylight said...

Does being outwardly religious define you as a "zealot" in your classmate's mind?

The word "zeal" has both negative and postive connotations, so ...

... If being a zealot means merely that you are fervent and passionate in your convictions, then I would agree with that characterization and ask, "so what's wrong with being a zealot?"

If it means you're a closed-minded fanatic a la Tom Cruise, then your friend is way off base, is being reactionary, and seems to be interpreting your writings in terms of his /her own prejudices about religion.

In any case, why care what someone who googled you after years of absence thinks of you and your site? Write whatever you want to write, Jo, it's your soapbox. Your religion informs your thinking in so many varied realms, so why hide it away in some corner of the internet that's less identified with you?

3:31 AM  
Blogger J said...

Aw :) Thanks for the pep talk, sweetie!

I'm more amused than anything that N made such an assumption -- because I reckon N's assumptions parallel those of a lot of free-thinking liberal friends of mine. That is to say, mention Jesus, you're crazy. It didn't take much to convince her that I haven't become some right-wing whacko, but most people surf the internet quickly and don't read deeply.

So anyhow, that was really a side anecdote about thinking through the kind of atmosphere I want to set up on Stratego.

I set up Stratego to be about the whole wide-ass continent of assorted shiny objects in my head. It's less about having a soapbox (CrossLeft is a soapbox!) than about inviting people to share in my collection of curiosities.

It's not like I'm going to suddenly excise all mention of religion from my blog. Heaven forfend! But fundamentally, I don't want Stratego to be about rants and monologues. It's my box of shiny things.

I've been feeling for a while now that I'd like to take Stratego back to being about everything else in my head (with occasional religion, when it's a part of what i'm thinking about) -- maps, landscape, visual culture, everyday life, political opining.

6:09 AM  
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