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Monday, November 14, 2005

Visual Treats

The Internet is filled with exciting new ways of parsing information, but they change pretty quickly. About six months ago, the thing to do if you were interested in visual perception and cultural processing was to go over to the Delicious Visuality page of bookmarks individuals had put together -- everything from satellite maps to graphs of social connectivity in elementary schools. But these days, Delicious Visuality is all but dead -- the last *two* are posts from none other than moi-meme (how tragic to get excited about the new sites and then realize that you yourself listed them two weeks ago...)
Fear not. The internet is ever providing wonderful fun toys aplenty.
Worth noting:

  • The imagesource tag: the place to go for lists of image servers, online poster collections, galleries of old paperback illustrations and lp folders
  •, a constantly renewed wellspring of the delightful



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