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Monday, June 26, 2006

Summer Camp Soliloquy

There are LOTS of evolutionary biologists here
    arguing about lemurs and chimps
    which of course prove that communism was doomed to fail

They are creating a very big machine here
    political scientists who can frame their arguments
        according to the best advice of linguists
    economists who can argue in terms of cognitive psych
A talented generation
    of cunning thinkers
       dedicated to liberty
          also to free trade
(the gentleman who could not be convinced that mill towns and the company store really existed: "that worker must have been stupid."  but i have evidence!)
(and then there are others who are fighting the good fight; free african americans not by unionizing but by ending the war on drugs...)
I'm afraid that the progressive think tank movement, thirty years behind, will never
accomplish anything competitively similar. 
Cash in your chips now; we'll all be libertarian in the future.


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