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Monday, September 04, 2006

Post-Burning Man Phone Call with Mother

(by email)

Jo to Mom : So you know how I told you that I was so bummed because all my friends were going to Burning Man which is sooo stupid and notoriously all about free love and drugs and being dumb?  

Ok.... I didn't get your voicemail because I was at Burning Man and I was too embarrassed to tell you that I'd gone... great time...  It was really much more about five-story-tall fire-breathing robots than sex and drugs...  

Ok, if you forgive me, want to give me a call?  I'm sorry?


(by phone)

Mom to Jo : hey Jo.  thanks for the email
J : no problem!
M : yeah, I figured you weren't calling because you were at Burning Man.
J : ???
M : so who did you go with?
J : um, this guy?
M : you mean that guy?
J : oh yes, him!  how did you know?
M : did he behave himself?
J : a perfect gentleman.  Hey, how did you know?

Conclusion: Jo's mom is psychic.  Never try to hide anything from her.


Anonymous danah said...


3:42 PM  
Blogger ~.~Beccy Boo~.~ said...

ahhh the ineveitable.. no matter how hard you try to hide your mother knows all.. simple as that

9:59 PM  

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