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Monday, April 04, 2005

Queen of Interiors

Danah Boyd, reine de psycholanalyse sociologue, has summoned me to Peru and off I go. But not before a series of introspective dialogues about Loneliness, Truth, Companionship, and Sorrow. Lent is over and Easter is on in full force. My friends are goihg out of their heads. Feminism is dead and everyone, like it or not, is sinking into a series of unfulfilled fox-hunts for relationships. Which brings Solitude, introspection, awareness. Figuring out the ones one needs and the ones one doesn't need at all.

That's all very abstract and awful, isn't it? I broke up with a best friend last week, and got broken up with by a boyfriend, all in 24 hours. I'm suprised to find that I'm not that sad about either. I love the guy, big big soul, but if he's not in, neither am I. I liked the girl but thought we'd drifted way too far away. Is it growing up? Is it the drugs, the psychoanalysis? have they seeped away my conviction and my substance? I have no frikkin idea. I'm drunk on love for the world, and i feel neither competitive nor successful, and I want everyone, absolutely everyone, to be happy.

So Bertie and I were mining the truths of this. I told Bertie about Aquinas's views on prostitutes. Bertie told me about Aquinas's views on wildlife.


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