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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Sex and the Single Blog

Alright, okay, I admit taht I went through a longer-than-normal hiatus from blogging after realizing that my mother was reading. "Have no illusions! Whatever you post is public!" says Mom. But much as I love her, the maternal public is very different than the anonymous public, whatever their presumptions and prejudices. Mother will always love me, which is a kind of responsibility in and of itself. I don't really care about the public, and sort of cleave to the challenge of changing their minds. So here we go, back to what I've been thinking about during the last week and always, somewhere near the intersection of landscape, theology, and the urban hipster scene.


Anonymous Sophie said...

good for you...
express yourself. Your mother will eventually embrace that. Good Luck!


5:02 PM  

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