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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Launch BlogParty!! Tuesday, August 2, 2005, 8pm EST – head to is launching its first interactive blog in a series is a social networking site for progressive and moderates Christians. It was founded by Kety Esquivel, an activist for political hispanic issues and a former member of the Wes Clark campaign. has three goals:

1) to put together a daily schedule of political, progressive, Christian bloggers with insightful commentary on the church in America

2) to build a single site where of progressive Christians can go for
- politically relevant news
- new online activity broadcast from Christian bloggers
- current discussions broadcast from other progressive Christian sites
- a single site linking to other progressive Christian networks

3) to build a networking site where churches and activist groups can announce their events, share strategies, post joblistings, and ask for advice.

Please join us for this exciting launch!

( You can help us by emailing information about this launch with 4-6 family members, church members, clergy, or fellow-activists who you think would be interested. )