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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Live! Streaming! Progressive Christianity!

So far we have only part of the stream working, but you can find live streaming entries from progressive Christian discussion boards here:Social Redemption - Discussion

SO -- if any of you lurking through here have an rss-enabled blog, webring, newstream, or chatboard on progressive Christian issues, you should let me know! I'd love to add you. Stick the url in the comments section below, please.

Many thanks to FeedShake, and to Barb Dybwad for pointing us to it!


Blogger J said...

Hi folks!
just realized that Google is sending people to this page rather than more recent ones, so here's the update. Progressive Christianity has enough RSS feeds to network the world.

i was sorting out solutions to this problem for CrossLeft for much of October. we now have a very good working solution. i'm using feeddigest as a feed aggregator to pull multiple blogs into one shareable feed.

We have multiple CrossLeft streams: Streaming Christianity aggregates everything progressive and Christian we could get our hands on (sometimes sorted for the most relevant headlines on poverty, social justice, conference news, etc., when I can get the search function working); it includes headlines also available separately as ClergyBlogs; progressive Christian Discussion Board headlines; headlines from official news media sources on the church; headlines from blogs about society and Christianity... on and on. you can find the entire list of streams on the CrossLeft news page.

From our news page you can get to the list of blogs included in our stream. If anyone feels left out who wants to be in, we'll happily include them.

just a vision; it'd be pretty cool to get some Progressive Christian Blogland folks including a five-headline long "latest hits from Progressive Christianity" sidebar underneath their other links. our news page will set you up with the code to do so (you just have to be able to cut and paste into the right place on your template... i can help if you need it).


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