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Friday, July 29, 2005

Slobbering Bulldogs of the Right

Maryland Christians for Justice and Peace has argued that there are more important things to talk about than the trimester at which abortion becomes illegal. More important things, like the ministry to the poor, the sick, and the outcast, which Christ preached, and which the fundamentalist Right has done a great job of destroying for American politics.

As reported by the AP, the fundamentalist Right has again responded by attacking progressive Christianity:

Carrie Gordon Earll, spokeswoman for Focus on the Family, a national political action group that rallied evangelical Christians during the last presidential campaign, said … if the organization is being formed "because they want to advocate the killing of pre-born children and approval of homosexual marriage, then they will meet us in the public arena because we oppose those things based on biblical values," Gordon said. "If they are forming this group in the spirit of criticism, I suggest their motivations are misguided," she said.

Okay, that’s really fair. Encouraging loving relationships, aid, and peace is the equivalent of murder, and the correct way to greet a new Christian group is to accuse them of “killing pre-born children”?

[sidenote - Maryland Christians for Justice and Peace isn't weblive yet. anybody have more information on contacting them? drop us a line, leave a comment below...! cheers!]


Anonymous Maryland Christians for Justice and Peace said...

Thank you for your positive take on the AP story about us published in the Washington Times and other papers July 24. Our email address is, and our mini-website is We hold statewide meetings every 4-6 weeks, the next being Dec. 3 in Elkridge, MD. Consult our website for updates! --Paul Verduin, Convener, Maryland Christians for Justice and Peace

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