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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Join the Progressive Christian Movement: Streaming Christianity! Get yours now!!

Hey! Take a look at my nifty sidebar over there -------->

Yeah, that's right. Scroll down a little. See all those extremely elegant links to progressive Christian news stories, clergy bloggers, and new websites? See how many of them there are in the last 24 hrs?

Sort of makes you feel like progressive Christianity is an actual movement, doesn't it?

This is the first fruit of SocialRedemption / CrossLeft's work -- we're trying to get the progressive Christian movement in touch with itself.

The feed aggregates some 200 independent bloggers, Christian columnists, and news sources filtered for news of Christian politics, all with a progressive bias.

"Let Justice roll down like waters, and righteousness as a mighty stream" Amos 5:25

- Don't you think it would be nice to read Christian progressive reactions to the news every day?

- Wouldn't you like to share it with everyone you know?

- What if your own writing could be part of it?

Good news! Progressive Christianity is an energetic, active movement transforming the world, and you *can* plug in! What you can do:

1) bookmark this address:

2) if you're technologically sophisticated, you can use that address to read news stories from this address daily on your feed aggregator, handheld device, or mobile phone

3) We encourage those of you with websites to syndicate the newsreel. Does your church have a webpage? Why not create a “news” page where visitors can get tuned in to progressive Christian reactions to the news as it happens?

Sophisticated scripts are available. You add them to your blog template or website html, and voila! Regularly updated, Streaming Christianity. Just ask.

In return, we ask you to post the banner below, linking your guests to

4) If your website already produces regular content — in the form of articles, weekly sermons, blogs, or discussion forums — make sure that other people can read it by having us plug you in to Streaming Christianity.

First you will need to make sure that the content is produced in the form of an RSS feed (talk to your IT person or go to the FAQ section of your blog host). They you can send your rss address to us, and we’ll plug you in!

In return, we ask you to post this banner linking your guests to

The design sophistication and powerful bandwidth necessary to provide this service is due entirely to the magnificent generosity of that most excellent, well-designed, and easy-to-use service Feed DigestFeedDigest. I highly recommend them -- super guys.


Blogger Charles said...

Congratulations on an excellent blog, aggregating progressive Christianity in an imaginative and original style!

8:31 PM  
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