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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Midland Alliance: Liberation Theology goes Bush

Arguably, the greatest achievement of progressive theology in the twentieth century is the doctrine and history of Liberation Theology. Christians have acted in the name of human rights as challengers to fascist regimes in Nazi Germany and dictatorial South America.

But in this latest twist, Liberation Theology has learned to use American politics to its own ends. Donning the title "Midland Alliance", the coalition of human rights workers emphasizes its connections to oil money, Bush politics, and the status quo -- any cover necessary -- in order to effect a radical counter to human rights abuses abroad.

MIDLAND, Tex., Aug. 8 - Tens of thousands of fans of all ages gathered over the weekend for the annual three-day Rock the Desert Christian music festival screamed for hit bands like Mercy Me and Pillar and kicked Hacky Sacks by a creek renamed the Jordan River and a small pond called the Dead Sea.

Between the Prayer Tent and an abstinence-promotion booth, however, worshipful revelers also stumbled into a more sobering pavilion, the North Korea Genocide Exhibit.

Christian Groups Press Bush About North Korea - New York Times


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