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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Fake News is back

Remember how the White House was filming its own news, with actors as reporters and scripts pre-drafted by Republicans in office?

A couple of months ago this issue disappeared from mainstream debate after popular outcry and representatives' promises to assiduously pursue the issue.

But several revisions of the bill in question later, Fake News is back to stay. No one reports on the failure of regulatory bills but the radical media clearinghouse, AlterNet.

From now forward, the White House feeds reports to reporters, White House stagings end up on your TV screen:

The bill clears the way for TV news operations to continue using snippets of government-produced VNRs for [video footage] in their own stories, as they do currently, leaving the issue of how to identify the material up to station news personnel.

Dianne Farsetta, AlterNet: MediaCulture: A Fake End to Fake News