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Friday, March 17, 2006

Graduate Student Reading Room at Stephens Hall

reading room
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...where the coffee is only $0.75.

What I'm working on these days: reading.

  • R. A. Leeson, Travelling Brothers: The six centuries' road from craft fellowship to trade unionism, 1979
  • Peter Clark, British Clubs and Societies, 1580-1800: The origins of an associational world, 2000.
  • Walter Dexter, Some Rogues and Vagabonds of Dickens, 1927.

I am generally working on the history of vagrants, tramping, traveling artisans, itinerant ministers, migration, and the Irish; getting a good sense of who was on the road when and how far they travelled.

By the 1790s, many of my precious eccentrics are regularly walking 1500 miles in a year around the shires and villages of old England, expecting beer, hospitality, solid inns, and friendly fellows wherever they go.

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