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Monday, April 10, 2006

This is my hometown. This is a red state.

This is a protest against Republican immigration policies in Dallas, Texas. There are half a million people in that crowd, filling a downtown where pedestrians are never seen. The march happened yesterday, a follow-up to the millions-strong marches of students in Los Angeles, Arizona, Florida, and San Francisco.

This is not being covered in the national news. Or rather, for the first time, today, half-million man marches broke the New York Times. What does that say about the effectiveness of marches, activists? What does it say about our jadedness as a nation to matters of public concern?

(thanks to mom, who emailed me first thing...)

For an interesting slice of Texas reactions, it might be salubrious to read the comments on the narrative of a white boy who had his camera smashed by the protesters:
There was a very millitant group holding provocative signs and loaded down with very angry looking young men. Some were shouting “Gringos go back to Europe!” and waving fists. Che was all over the place and the reconquista theme was all over them.

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