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Monday, May 08, 2006

And if Iran favors reconciliation?

It was first reported, a few weeks ago, at Jeff Wells' blog, sourcing Russian newsmedia, that all the press East of the Volga think Iran is a *peaceful* nation that would never *think* of using nasty weapons against Westerners. 

For as of a few weeks ago, it would seem, Iranian President Ahmadinejad was frantically issuing statements saying that he would willingly comply with US or UN tensions, no matter what.

Not the story one hears in the US, where we daily hear that rifle-swinging Persians are crying for the blood of American babies, etc., their diplomats shrieking into the microphone, Fuck you we'll give nukes to the Pakis and Berbers if we damn well please. 

Today on Google headlines, up pops another Eastern news source: Khaleej Times (the Dubai paper) reports, again, an "unprecedented letter to President George W. Bush" issued from Ahmadinejad, urging peace.  Those who speak Arabic, apparently, believe that Iran is all but an American ally, willing to take any means necessary to step away from an escalation into full-out war.

Again, not the story in Western papers.  The White House replies, "We know of no such letter."

We need not review the imputations that American media is fed and types up reports from the White House to suit specific foreign policy aims.  We need not review the fact that those currently in the White House are still war hawks who have caused two wars already (three?) by backing up their agendas with massively artificial fabrications of evidence designed to rile up

Remember, in Fahrenheit 911, the CNN video footage of Iranian boys supposedly welcoming the Americans with shouts of glee?  Remember the real translation of those boys' screams: "Americans, go home!", "Down with America!"?

Can we really afford to go back there?

Would the blogosphere please take note?

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