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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Journalism's Greatest Hope

7:40 PM
j guldi: WOW
7:45 PM
Chloe Cockburn: hullo
j guldi: wow, this is like the best journalism in our lifetime...
j guldi: an actual intelligent use of history...
j guldi: what planet have i been on? i've never heard of this guy?
Chloe Cockburn: yes i think it's quite elegant
Chloe Cockburn: i hear him mentioned now and then but i didn't realize he was this good
Chloe Cockburn: i've heard this argument before of course but he says it very well
j guldi: beautifully
j guldi: mentions debs but doesn't distract by going into socialism, communism...
j guldi: a coherent narrative drawing americanism into one coherent idea, against which he polarizes bush
j guldi: liberals usually get wishy-washy in outrage without feeling able to identify with a public
Chloe Cockburn: indeed
j guldi: so there's no reason for a public to listen to them
j guldi: can we get more people like this?
7:50 PM
Chloe Cockburn: clone him!
j guldi: yay!

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