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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Will the Revolution be Televised?

Evening meeting at the Revolution Cafe with filmmakers Robert Arnold and Paul van der Carr, who want to do a documentary on us.

Major issue: the facets of the New Social Gospel that draw in hip young things like Robert and Paul are likely to be the living, working ties to a kind of sixties radicalism that never emerged. In many ways, monks like Brother Richard of San Damiano (see below, "Monks") and clergy in modern-day liberation theology are liable to be the most viable and active strain of sixties communitarianism still with us. Robert and Paul could end up making the documentary that bridges the church for young hip intellectuals who have grown up "without benefit of clergy" -- that is, the masses of young smart things today whose only exposure to the church was through its least curious, most naive, or even most backwards members.


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