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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Next up: Christians even more radical than San Francisco!!

As in 1534, remember?

Jan Matthijs and Johan Bokelson then instituted a reign of terror in Munster, ordering the socialisation of all property, and ordaining apostles of revolution to preach throughout Europe. The communist paradise of Munster attracted thousands of Anabaptists from throughout Germany and Holland. Matthijs was killed in one of the early battles with surrounding cities. Johan Bokelson took command and established a dictatorship in Munster. He then issued the order for holding everything in common, including wives.

No priests, no kings, no intermediaries between the individual and God. Individuals loving individuals and sharing all in common. Not bad. Good show, sixteenth-century radicals!

Anyway, for today's revolution, wives in common are (generally speaking) out, as are violent overthrows of government. But -- the good news -- less violent overthrows of hate-filled fundamentalist regimes are in!

Brought to you by the same people who bought you Christian polyamory, you can find the equally politically conscious, less bloody version here at the blog Leaving Munster.