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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

This morning's email.

Dear Senator Reid,

I write you with concern about a framing disaster in one of your recent press releases. 

The Houston Chronicle story on gay rights today reported:

"Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid, of Nevada, said the purpose of bringing up the gay marriage ban was 'to divide our society, to pit one against another.'"

"One against another," when it falls on Christian ears, invokes the words of Matthew 10, where Jesus proclaims, "I came to set brother against brother [not to bring peace]."  Despite your obvious intention to address the Administration's warmongering, the Evangelicals who read your words will be once more convinced that Democrats are their enemies, pledged to overturn church institutions. 

A better phrase to use would be "each against each."  To moderates, libertarians, and conservatives, Hobbes's words suggest a pointless, violent state of nature, which cries out for real leadership rather than mere fear-mongering:

"The proposed gay marriage amendment is nothing but a foolhardy campaign to pit each against each, undermining the order, justice, and liberties reserved by state government on behalf of its citizens."

With best wishes,
Joanna Guldi

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