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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Fearmongering and its antidote.

From this morning's Columbia Tribune (Columbia, Missouri):

Joe Kline, senior pastor of Faith Baptist Church in Columbia, said a
federal gay marriage ban is needed to protect society. Allowing gays to marry could lead to "eventual extinction," Kline said. "It might sound crazy, and people don’t like to hear this, but gay couples cannot reproduce. Ultimately they - not in all cases, but in many cases - they don’t reproduce, so they have to recruit others to live their lifestyles. … If we don’t protect the sanctity of marriage and of the home, then our country is in big trouble."

Gays are evil because they don't reproduce -- riiiiight.  Don't you just love it when conservatives hand you the weapon with which to smack them back down? 

What a way for some intelligent senator or pundit to counter every conservative statement on the "protection of marriage and the family" -- "I hear sir that you are interested in preserving the species, in making sure that every man, woman, and child in these United States spawns as frequently and as profusely as possible.  But have you considered in the least the setting into which you send these aggressively, abundantly generated babies?  Do you send them to loving and responsible homes?  Do you send them to responsible societies where they will have the barest chance to rise above squalor and misery?  Will you  encourage more babies and regardless of whether families and cities have any homes left to house them?"

"You, sir, are the danger to the sanctity of families and the homes.  You are the voice encouraging wanton abuse of children, the intervention of the state in the family household, the regulation of the home by the federal government, even striking down the legislation of the states themselves.  You are a danger to the nation and every single one of its sacred institutions."

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